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Data Matrix – GS1

ReportBuilder provides the tools necessary for the developer¬†to support GS1 Data Matrix. There are two options for ASCII encoding of the Data Matrix component (TppDataMatrixSettings.EncodeType property): ASCII and ASCIIManual. ASCII automatically encodes extended characters¬†(any character with a value above 127). ¬†ASCIIManual allows for manual encoding by adding Data Matrix codewords directly (without them auto-encoded as  Full Article…

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Cloud Drive Overview

  Background: ReportBuilder includes support for the ability to automatically export and save reports to various cloud drive services. This is done via the REST APIs provided by the supported services. The cloud drive feature is designed with a plugin architecture allowing multiple services to be supported at once. To register a certain plugin, simply  Full Article…

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Cloud Drive Setup – Dropbox

      This service requires OAuth2 authentication meaning that the reporting application will not need to know the user’s credentials in order to connect and send email. To use this service, the application must first be registered in the Dropbox API Manager where a Client ID, Client Secret, and Redirect URI can be created  Full Article…

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