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ADO Connect to Paradox via ADOConnection

TECH TIP: Connect To Paradox Via ADOConnection Create a TADOConnection Launch the Data Link Properties Dialog by double clicking on the ADOConnection on the Form Set the Provider to be the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers Select Next or Select the Connection tab of the Data Link dialog Specify the source of data  Full Article…


Linking SQL Queries

TECH TIP:┬áLinking SQL Queries for Master/Detail Data The following example shows two options for linking SQL queries to create a master/detail relationship. In this example, we are using Delphi’s DBDemos data to create a Customer/Order relationship. Thus we wish to link the Orders detail to the Customer master. I. Delphi Query Linking a. Set the  Full Article…


How To…Search Between a Date and 6 Months Prior

Question “How can I search on a specified date and 6 months prior?” Solution Use the Query Designer to build a query that contains two search criteria on the Date. Use the <= and >= operators. Designate the first criteria as AutoSearch and use SQLBuilder to modify the second criteria at runtime. Download: Sample  Full Article…