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How To…Customize PDF/A Metadata

Question “How can I alter the default metadata when exporting to PDF/A?” Solution Use the TppPDFDevice.OnGetPDFMetadata event to retrieve the default metadata and alter it to meet your specific needs.  All metadata is in XML format so it is beneficial to use the Delphi built-in XML classes to edit the data. The following example shows how  Full Article…

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RB 19

Designer new AutoSave / Recovery for report layout periodically autosave to AppData\Local\RBuilder\Report_autosave.rtm clear on close of designer, but if crash the file remains check for file when designer opens, prompt user to recover RBuilder.ini Designer Preferences for AutoSave, AutoSaveInterval new View | Margins for workspace display page margins for layout workspace store ShowMargins preference to  Full Article…

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RB 18

User Interface new Default theme uses Delphi VCL styles leverage Delphi’s Windows 10 styles new High DPI Monitor support UI scales to any screen resolution new GMap Marker Dialog add GMap markers visually from the designer new Preview popup menu print, zoom, search, etc. from the new menu International new Deploy language modules to custom  Full Article…

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