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RB 18

User Interface new Default theme uses Delphi VCL styles leverage Delphi’s Windows 10 styles new High DPI Monitor support UI scales to any screen resolution new GMap Marker Dialog add GMap markers visually from the designer new Preview popup menu print, zoom, search, etc. from the new menu International new Deploy language modules to custom  Full Article…

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RB 17

Delphi 10 Seattle support for VCL Win32 Delphi 10 Seattle support for VCL Win64 Demos and Tutorials new RBDemos database (SQLite version of DBDemos) new RBDemos FireDAC Connection De installed to Delphi IDE new Converted RB Demos to FireDAC, SQLite RBDemos database new Converted RB Tutorials to FireDAC SQLite RBDemos database REST Service Components New  Full Article…

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Troubleshooting… Outlook 365

The following article provides steps to take if the default Simple MAPI email plugin stops working with the latest version(s) of Outlook or Windows Live Mail.  Please follow the steps below to resolve most issues.   1. Download, open, and run the example below on a machine with Outlook or Windows Live Mail as the  Full Article…

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