IB Express Compatibility

The ReportBuilder Query Tools support the Interbase Express data access components via a DADE plug-in. The plug-in consists of the daIBExpress.dcu unit and the rbIBExx.bpl package. (Note: the ‘7x’ is replaced by 76 for Delphi 6, 77 for Delphi 7, etc).

The rbIBExx.bpl package is compatible with the version of InterBase Express that ships with Delphi. Updated versions of InterBase Express may require that this package be recompiled.

Compiling the ReportBuilder DADE Package for InterBase Express

  1. The ReportBuilder DADE source files for InterBase Express are located in the ..\RBuilder\Source directory.
  2. Copy the following files to your ..\RBuilder\Lib directory:
  3. Access the Delphi Environment Options dialog, by selecting the Tools | Environment
  4. Options from the Delphi menu. Select the Library tab.
  5. Set the BPL and DCP directories to the ..RBuilder\Lib directory. If you have installed ReportBuilder into the default directory you can set these directories to:
  6. Navigate to the ..\RBuilder\Lib directory.
  7. Open the rbIBE7x.dpk package and click the compile button.
  8. Launch the Windows Explorer and examine the files in the ..RBuilder\Lib directory. The daIBExpress and rbIBE7x .dcu, .dcp, and .bpl files should be stamped with the current date and time. If this is not the case then the files have not been regenerated, or your BPL or DCP directory setting is not correct and the files have been generated into some other directory.
  9. Access the Delphi Environment Options dialog and clear the BPL and DCP directory settings.
  10. Copy the .bpl file to the Windows\System32 directory.

Installing ReportBuilder DADE for InterBase Express

  1. To use the InterBase Express DataView at run time, add daIBExpress to the ‘uses’ clause of the form that contains the TppDesigner component.
  2. To use the InterBase Express DataView at design time, install rbIBE7x.bpl into the Delphi IDE.