Query Designer

The Query Designer is used to modify query-based dataviews. The query designer presents a series of notebook tabs; each tab represents a different part of the query. The last notebook tab in the Query Designer shows the generated SQL and allows the name of the dataview and datapipeline to be changed. The Query Designer is pictured below.

Adding Search Criteria

You can use the Query Designer to add or remove search criteria from your query. Take these steps in order to add search criteria:

1. Click on the Search icon of the dataview to launch the Query Designer.

2. From the list of fields at the top of the search page, double-click on the field for which criteria needs to be entered.

3. Click on the field that has been added to the list of criteria at the bottom and select the operator.

4. Click in the edit box and enter the search criteria value. This criteria will find all company names which begin with the letter ā€˜Sā€™.

5. Click on the SQL tab to make sure the criteria value is valid.

6. Close the Query Designer and click on the preview icon.

7. Preview the data and make sure that the intended records are selected.