Query Wizard

Within the data workspace, you can select data from your database using an SQL query. This functionality is provided via query-based dataviews, which can be visually created using the Query Wizard and visually maintained using the Query Designer. The following series of screenshots shows how to create a simple query-based dataview via the Query Wizard.

1. Select File | New menu option from within the data workspace. The New Dialog will be displayed. Double-click the Query Wizard icon.

2. Select the first table for the query. The customer table has been selected.

3. Select the second table for the query. The order table has been selected and the Join dialog was automatically displayed. The dialog already contains the correct field linking (Customer No.), so all we have to do is click OK.

4. When we return to the query wizard, both tables are shown as selected.

5. Skip the fields page, since we want to select all fields.

6. Skip the calculations page, since this query will not contain calculations.

7. Skip the groups page, since this query will not be grouped.

8. Skip the search criteria page; all records will be selected.

9. Set the order to customer number, then order number.

10. Name the dataview. The datapipeline name is automatically generated when we name the dataview. The next action will be to preview the data.

11. View the data to make sure the correct records have been selected.

12. Close the preview window. The dataview is then created and displayed in the workspace.

From here we could proceed to the design workspace where we could create a new report layout based on this dataview either manually or through the use of the Report Wizard.