Update Database Name

How to modify the DatabaseName stored with a DADE Query

Currently when DADE is used to create dataviews, the DatabaseName is stored as part of the query definition. (This is consistent with Delphi’s approach to specifying a database connection for a Query object).

In some cases, you may decide that the DatabaseName needs to be modified at a later date.

We recommend that the DatabaseName refer to a TDatabase connection component or to an Alias to provide flexibility for changing the connection parameters.

A second way to handle this issue is to implement some code that specifies a DatabaseName whenever a template is loaded. This can be accomplished by using the Report.Template.OnLoadEnd event.

  1. Declare an event-handler procedure in the private section of your form declaration.

  2. Use the FormCreate event to assign the event-handler to the event property.

  3. Add code to the event-handler to specify the database name.


Below is a tech tip for extracting the SQL object from a report. TdaSQL is a class defined in daSQL.pas.
The example code extracts only DataViews[0]. If the report contains multiple dataviews, you will need to iterate thru all of the entries in the DataViews[] array.

How to access the SQL object associated with a Report created using DADE