TECH TIP: Use Master/Detail JITPipelines

  1. To use Master/Detail relationship with the JITPipeline:
  2. Check out the demo dm0139 in the main demo reports app for an example.
  3. Make sure you have the Detail JITPipeline.MasterFieldLinks defined to specify the relationship. In dm0139 the detailed it linked to the master using the CustNo field from each pipeline.
  4. Once you have things setup like the above, then you will need to connect the Report.DataPipeline property to the master JITPipeline and the SubReport.DataPipeline property to the detail JITPipeline.
  5. In the FormCreate event set each JITPipeline.RecordCount property to the total number of records for each. You should not need to reset anything.
  6. ReportBuilder expects the data in the detail dataset to be in sorted order of the field links.


In dm0139, the linked field is the CustNo, therefore the detail data must be order like this:

CustNo OrderNo
1 001
1 002
1 003
2 010
2 009
2 005