OnGetPicture Event

TECH TIP: Using the JITPipeilne OnGetPicture Event to Display Images

Question: “I am using a JITPipeline to output data stored in a series of stringlists,
one of these stringlists contains the names of a graphic. How can I use the JITPipeline.OnGetPicture Event to display an image?”


  1. Use JITPipeline fields editor to declare a Field with FieldType = dtGraphic. For this example, set the FieldName to ‘Graphic’. Create a second Field with FieldType = dtString and set the FieldName to ‘GraphicFile’.
  2. In the Report Designer, create a DBImage component and connect to the Graphic field.
  3. Use the Delphi code editor to declare a private variable for your form:

  4. In the FormCreate event instantiate the picture object:

  5. In the FormDestroy event, free the picture object:

  6. In the JITPipeline.OnGetPicture event, load the picture: