Migrating Master-Detail from RB 5

Starting with RB 5.5, the data traversal logic and report engine have been enhanced to support the new DADE linking features and to improve the ability of subreports to handle detail data.

In the past the subreport did NOT properly honor the detail datapipeline SkipWhenNoRecords property. Now that this deficiency has been fixed it is causing some confusion.
To convert old reports that use subreports to print detail data:

  1. Set the detail DataPipeline.SkipWhenNoRecords property to False.When SkipWhenNoRecords is False, master records that contain no detail data will NOT be skipped and will appear in the report.
  2. Use the default NoDataBehaviors property value of [ndBlankPage].When ChildReport.NoDataBehaviors = [ndBlankPage], the subreport will simply exit and not print if there is no detail data.

Note: The NoDataBehaviors property was added in RB 5.52 to provide better control over how a report/subreport behaves when there is no data.