PrintOnFirstPage for One Page Reports

TECH TIP: Using PrintOnFirstPage for One Page Reports

Question: I have a Footer that I do not want to print on the first page of my report, unless the report is only one page.”


Both the Headerband and FooterBand have boolean properties called PrintOnFirstPage and PrintOnLastPage that can be used to control whether the respective bands print.


  1. Set default behavior prior to calling Report.Print
    ppFooterband1.PrintOnFirstPage := False;
    ppReport1.PassSetting := psTwoPass;


  2. Add the following code the Report.OnEndFirstPass event:
     procedure TForm1.ppReport1EndFirstPass(Sender: TObject);
      {override default behavior for a single page report}
      if ppReport1.AbsolutePageCount = 1 then
        ppFooterband1.PrintOnFirstPage := True;