Providing a Custom Save Changes Query

Tech Tip: Creating a Custom “Save Changes?” Dialog

Question: “I want to be able to provide my own custom ‘Save Changes?’ confirmation message in the Designer. Is that possible?”

Answer:  While it is possible, it not something that we are going to build into the product right now. However, it is something that you can implement fairly simply.

Here are two options:

    1. Change the language resource string.

The message that appears on the save changes confirmation, like most strings in ReportBuilder, is loaded from a resource file for international language support. The string number is 357. If simply changing the string is enough, see our information on language support for instructions on how to change this string.

    1. Customize the RB source to build in your custom dialog.

The place where the confirmation dialog is created is in TppDesignerWindow.SaveQuery located in ppDsgner.pas. If you wish to change the functionality of this method, you will need to copy ppDsgner.pas and ppDsgner.dfm to your project’s directory and change the code. Add ppDsgner to your project to make sure you compile the new version in.