Forms Emulation

Customers often ask how to include their pdf forms in ReportBuilder so they can do forms emulation like┬áthe tax form shown in one of the Developer’s Guide tutorials.┬áThe solution is convert the PDF to a metafile (WMF/EMF). A high quality metafile will contain a list of Windows GDI commands required to render the form to the screen or printer. This produces very high quality output.

e-Transform 2000

The tax form in our tutorial was created by a customer. He used the MIPS Transform Suite to do it at the time. This product has since been renamed to e-Transform 2000.


Adobe Illustrator

Another option is Adobe Illustrator 10. Although we haven’t tried it, we have heard that is has excellent support of vector graphic format conversions.



Other customers recommend an application called Irfanview. It is available as freeware for non-commercial use and is reportedly very simple to use.



Another open source freeware product.