How To…Print Receipts


“How can use ReportBuilder to print receipts to a continous roll of paper?”


Receipts have a unique characteristic in that they typically print on a continuous roll of paper – there is no concept of page size.

For continuous printing use title/summary bands and remove the header/footer. Size the detail band to print a single line item. For each band set PrintHeight to phDynamic.

For the page setup, set the top/bottom margins to 0. Some printer drivers have a continuous paper size setting. If not then try setting the paper size to be very small – perhaps the size of the tallest band in the layout. Or try setting the page height to be the size of a detail band. Note that some printer drivers will only accept page sizes within a certain range of paper sizes.

With this configuration the Report will generate a title followed by a variable number of detail bands that span pages if needed, and then finally print a summary at the end.