Multi-Page Spanning

Question: “I have more data than will fit on one page width. How can I span multiple pages?”

Solution: If you are creating a crosstab report, this is done automatically. However, for other types of reports,
this must be done manually. Basically, we will create one section-style subreport for each page width we need to cover.

  1. Using the main report as a “driver”, place a subreport in its detail band. This will be the first page.
  2. Set this subreport’s PrintBehavior to pbSection.
  3. Layout this first subreport as needed.
  4. Next, add another subreport below the first and set its PrintBehavior to pbSection.
  5. Layout this subreport, remembering that this report represents the second portion of our wide page.
    Continue adding subreports as needed.
  6. To assure that the first subreport prints as the first page, turn off all the main report’s other bands and make sure that its detail band includes only the subreports.

Now, when the report prints, all of the first subreport’s pages will print, then the second, etc. You can then assemble the pages in the correct order.