Tech Tip…Control UI Theme

Tech Tip: Control UI Theme

ReportBuilder 10 introduced support for Themes (Skins). There are a couple of options for specifying which theme is used.

  1. Report DesignerFrom the Report Designer select View | Themes from the main menu and then select the theme that you would like to use. The specified theme will be stored in RBuilder.ini and used as the default theme the next time you run RB.
  2. RBuilder.iniWhen deploying an application, you can deploy RBuilder.ini so that ReportBuilder will use a specific theme.
  3. TppThemeManagerAt run-time TppThemeManager can be used to programmatically specify a theme.TppThemeManager is defined in ppToolbarTBX.pas. Here are the public class methods.

    Example: Set the current theme

    Example: Set the current theme and sub-theme (user scheme)
  4. Older operating systemsSome older operating systems, such as Win9x do not support the Office2003 theme. Use the Defaut them instead.Example: