Report Explorer

The Report Explorer component allows you to deploy a Windows Explorer interface that your end-users can use to organize their reports. The Report Explorer handles all operations via datapipelines; therefore, the folder structure and all of items within it can be saved to database tables. This interface presents a minimal learning curve as most users are familiar with the operation of the Explorer. The Report Explorer user-interface is pictured below:

 Button Icon Description 
 Up One Level When a folder is selected, use this button to select the parent folder.
 New Folder Creates a new folder within the currently selected folder.
 New Report Creates a new report and displays the report designer.
 Open Report Opens the currently selected report and displays it in the report designer.
 Print Prints the currently selected report.
 Print Preview Opens the currently selected report and displays it in the print preview window.
 Delete Sends the currently selected items or items to the recycle bin. If the items are already in the recycle bin, it deletes them.
 List Sets the list to display in columns and shows the item name only.
 Details Shows one item per row, lists metadata about items: item type, item size, date last modified.


The action that each button on the Report Explorer toolbar performs is described below: