End-User Databases

DADE Plug-ins

The Visual Query Tools in ReportBuilder support a wide spectrum of database engines and data access component sets via a plug-in architecture. By default ReportBuilder installs plug-ins for ADO, IBExpress, dbExpress and BDE. There are some additional plug-ins installed to the RBuilder\Demos\EndUser Databases examples: (DBISAM, Advantage, and Direct Oracle Access (DOA), NexusDB.

A complete list of DADE plug-ins can be found here.

End-User Database Examples

Examples of creating end-user solutions with specific database engines and data access components are installed to RBuilder\Demos\EndUser Databases. Each example includes a sample SQL script for creating the supporting database tables and a ReadMe.doc.

Additional examples are included with the downloads available on the DADE plug-ins page mentioned above.