Naming Objects and End-User

TECH TIP: Naming objects in the End-User Environment

In ReportBuilder, each of the objects in a Report (Labels, DBText, etc.) has a UserName property. The Report Designer and its dialogs display the object’s UserName rather than the Name.

The UserName is also used to reference objects when writing RAP code.

Assigning a UserName:
  1. Select the Design tab of the Report Designer
  2. Slect View | Toolbars | Report Tree from the main menu.   (Or press the right mouse button while over the top docking area and select Report Tree).
  3. The Report Tree tool window displays a tree view of all objects in the report.
  4. Use the mouse to select the object node in the treeview
  5. Press the right mouse button and select Rename from the popup menu. The node will enter into edit mode

Note: The bands and the report itself cannot be renamed.