RBuilder Ini Storage

The TppDesigner IniStorageType and InitStorageName properties can be used to control how ReportBuilder stores user preferences.



Controls the location where user preferences are stored. There are two predefined storage types: Registry and IniFile. The default value is IniFile. The registry key or file name is specified by IniStorageName.



Stores user preferences to the .ini file specified by the IniStorageName property. If no path is specified, the .ini file will be located in the Windows system directory.



Stores user preferences to the windows registry under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER.



The file name or registry key within which all user preferences are stored. The default file name is ($LocalAppData)\RBuilder\RBuilder.ini. The ($LocalAppData) resolves to ‘c:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local. The default registry name is RBuilder.

Please see the RBuilder.hlp for more details…