Convert Crystal to RB

We do not have any automated conversion from Crystal Reports. However,  most customers find that converting existing reports to ReportBuilder requires much less time than they imagined.  Following the steps below should provide a good estimate of the amount of time and experience that is required.

  1. Spend some time going over RB Developer’s Guide.  This is an excellent first step to learning how ReportBuilder works.
  2. Work through the tutorials and demos provided in the Developers Guide and in the ReportBuilder installation.  These give you hands on experience on how to implement the most important features of ReportBuilder.  They will also give you a good idea exactly what ReportBuilder is capable of.
  3. Pick a representative sampling of your reports and implement them in RB.

Below is a list of the locations you can find the resources described above:

 Resource Location
 RB Developer’s Guide Public Documents\Delphi x\RBuilder\Developer’s Guide\…
 RB Demo Applications Public Documents\Delphi x\RBuilder\Demos\…
 RB Tutorials Public Documents\Delphi x\RBuilder\Tutorials\…