Resources for Learning RB

Learning ReportBuilder

Learning ReportBuilder is a complete learning system designed to teach end users how to build a range of reports, but it is also an excellent resource for the developer who is just getting started with RB. Learning RB includes a 125-page PDF file, a stand-alone application complete with a database, and a help file. The PDF file contains a set of tutorials, which can be completed using the provided application. Download Learning ReportBuilder

Learning to RAP

Learning to RAP is designed to teach end-users how to use ReportBuilder’s Calc workspace to perform calculations and control visual aspects of the report while it is generating. Learning to RAP includes a 59-page PDF file and a stand-alone application complete with a database. The PDF file is comprised of a series of tutorials that step end users through the process of coding calculations and event-handlers to dynamically control report generation. The application is used in conjunction with the tutorials so that the learning experience is interactive. Download Learning ReportBuilder – RAP

Developer’s Guide

When you install RB, this guide is automatically installed into the Public Documents\RBuilder\Delphi x\Developers Guide directory. It contains extensive conceptual information and step by step tutorials which show how to construct reports and reporting applications within the context of the Delphi IDE.

On-Line Help

Accessible via a single click of the F1 key from with the Delphi IDE, this reference resource explains the classes, methods, properties and events which make up the product. It is also an excellent source of information regarding installation, troubleshooting and version history.


The RB Demos are installed to Public Documents\RBuilder\Delphi x\. There are a large number of example reports and reporting applications included with RB. These show how to accomplish some of the most frequently requested types of reports. In total there are probably over 200 different examples covering everything from crosstabs to full-blown end-user reporting solutions. The RAP functionality included with ReportBuilder Enterprise has a separate set of demos, tutorials, and help files.

Support Forums

The RB support forums can be used to post questions and as a searchable knowledge base. The DM team monitors the forums and provides help to developers with an active RB license.

Email Support:

When you are working on the really advanced stuff, and need an additional point of view, we’re always glad to help.