Delphi.ohl Could Not Be Opened

Question: “I tried to install ReportBuilder, but I received an error: ‘The file c:\Program Files\Help\Delphi7.ohl could not be opened’.”

Answer:  Possible causes of this problem are:

  1. Delphi is not installed.
  2. Delphi was installed as a “compact” installation and thus the Delphi help files are not installed.
  3. Each ReportBuilder installation program is designed to work for a specific Delphi version. For example, you cannot install ReportBuilder for Delphi 7 into Delphi 6. You need ReportBuilder for Delphi 6.

To work around this problem, please uninstall Delphi and reinstall by using Custom or Typical installations for Delphi.  Then run the appropriate RB installation program for your Delphi version.