Troubleshooting: “Tee000” error

Question: When I install ReportBuilder or manually install TeeChart using the RBTeePackageBuilder utility, I receive the error “”Cannot open file ‘C:\…\Tee000\…’.  The system cannot find the file specified.”


Answer: This error indicates that the built in RB/TeeChart package builder cannot detect a version of TeeChart installed for the version of Delphi you are using.  Use the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Be sure TeeChart is installed into the Delphi IDE.  Check the ‘Component | Installed Packages’ list to be sure all TeeChart packages are installed and enabled.

2. If no TeeChart entries are present, try reinstalling TeeChart or manually installing the TeeChart packages into the Delphi IDE.

3. When the RBTeePackageBuilder application loads, it checks the “HKCU\software\<$DELPHI>\Known Packages” key for the “dclTee*.bpl” entry.  If this is not present and you do have TeeChart installed, you need to be sure you are logged in as an Administrator to your system or using the same account that installed Delphi/TeeChart originally.