Troubleshooting: Trial Version Compatibility

Question: “I downloaded a trial version of ReportBuilder and receive a Delphi compile error when trying to use it in my projects”

  1. There are separete ReportBuilder Trial versions for each version of Delphi. For example, if you are using Delphi 2007 make sure that you have downloaded the ReportBuilder trial for Delphi 2007.
  2. Did you have a prior version of ReportBuilder installed for the same Delphi version? If yes, please see the Cleaning up a Corrupt Installation article.
  3. Are you using a trial version of Delphi? ReportBuilder is not binary compatible with all Delphi Trial versions.  Many features are also not supported when installing into a trial edition of Delphi.
  4. Have you made any modifications to the Delphi source code. (If you modify the interface section of any Delphi .pas unit that RB ‘uses’, then your version of Delphi will no longer be binary compatible with ReportBuilder).
  5. Access the Delphi Components | Installed Packages dialog and check the list of installed to determine whether the ReportBuilder packages are installed.
  6. Check your Delphi library path and make sure that it includes an entry for RBuilder\Lib.
  7. Try compiling the RB Demos with the build with runtime packages option and see whether that works. Then try compiling without the build with runtime packages option.