RB 11

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 11.0!

ReportBuilder 11.0 includes VCL Win32 support for Delphi 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005, Delphi 7, and Delphi 6.

Version 11.0  – 9/24/2008
  •  Delphi 2009 support!
  •  Unicode support! (Delphi 2009 only)
  •  New state of the art installer
  •  Complete Windows Vista compatibility

Unicode (Delphi 2009 only)
  • Full Unicode VCL support
  • Database access support for Unicode and Ansi databases
  • Unicode Report Designer, RCL, Report Output (*except PDF export)
  • Unicode String Translation Application
  • TextPipeline supports Unicode and Ansi data (can auto detect or use Encoding property)
  • TextFileDevice supports Unicode and Ansi export (Encoding and BOM properties)
  • Unicode RAP Code Editor
  • Unicode Server uses UTF-8 encoding for TCP communication
  • Unicode WebTier produces UTF-8 encoded XHTML web interface


Designer Enhancements
  •  Office2007, Outlook2007 adaptive themes to update the UI
  •  Theme support for Object Inspector, Code Toolbox
  •  Design Guides to quickly align and size objects
  •  “Edit in Place” support for Labels and Memos
  •  Design support for Parameters, AutoSearchSettings, Lookups
  •  BringForward/SendBackward options for fine tuning z-order
  •  Persistent Undo/Redo between Design/Preview for better iterative design
  •  IniStorage option, IniNone can be used to avoid ini storage
  •  IniFile default location (Local Settings\Application Data) for Vista compatibility
  •  Name property support for Delphi design-time

Report Parameters and AutoSearch 
  •  Powerful integrated architecture for Parameters, AutoSearch, Lookups, DADE
  •  Parameters design time support including AutoSearch and Lookups
  •  Parameters AutoSearchSettings property
  •  AutoSearch Lookups, LookupDataPipeline (name/value and value support)
  •  AutoSearch panels for Lookups (displays combobox with picklist)
  •  AutoSearch Calendar Date Picker for dates (windows, web)
  •  DADE search criteria can be bound to Parameters
  •  AutoSearch ‘Or’ logical operator support
  •  Include AutoSearch Description in Report with no code (SystemVariable)

Report Groups
  •  Group dialog, more intuitive design
  •  Group NewFile option (print each group as sep file)
  •  Group StartOnOddPage option (great for duplex printing)
  •  GroupFooter option to Print only when > 1 detail (suppress totals)

Report Summary
  •  Summary AlignToBottom of page option (frequently requested)

Report Output Enhancements
  •  PDF embedded font support
  •  PDF RichText, TeeChart, Barcode, PaintBox support (converts to native PDF)
  •  PDF vector graphics support (converts metafiles to native PDF)
  •  PDF canvas architecture
  •  ArchiveReader.ArchiveStream property
  •  Print multiple reports to a single file (all FileDevice descendants)
  •  Generate multiple files with one report (one file per group)
  •  TextFile support for subreport elements
  •  TextFile support for crosstab data
  •  TextFile support for memos
  •  TextFile options for quoting strings
  •  Printer Escape support
  •  Printer PCL Language library built-in (simplifies escape commands)
  •  Printer DeviceSettings control any/all specialized printer settings
  •  Printer internal refactoring/architecture
  •  Printer.CheckDC method for improved error handling

Report Component Library (RCL) Enhancements
  •  Hyperlink property (viewer, PDF, WebViewer supports url and email addresses)
  •  Paintbox component (including PDF export)
  •  SystemVariable options: AutoSearchDesc, CopyNo, CopyNoDesc
  •  Line component option for diagonal lines
  •  Image PNG support (Delphi 2009)
  •  Image.Align property (left, Center, Right)
  •  Image context menu to Clear picture
  •  BarCode Alignment support for barcode symbol
  •  TppVariable SuppressRepeatedValues support
  •  RichText full justification
  •  RichText LeftMargin property
  •  RichText Transparent support
  •  RichText Editor support for Full Justify, Consistent Attributes
  •  RichText.Font property used to set DefAttributes
  •  DBRichText.MailMerge support
  •  Report.OnFileDeviceCreate event (use to configure devices)
  •  Report.OnPrinterDeviceCreate event (use to configure printer device)
  •  OnPrinterDeviceStateChange event (use to send Escape commands)
  •  Report.GetDataPipeline method

Report Explorer Enhancements*
  • Toolbar options for Open, Design

Visual Data Access Enhancements*
  •  SQL Having clause support (QueryDesigner, SQLBuilder, SQL)
  •  EditSQL Text and AutoSearch support
  •  EditSQL Text and Link support
  •  Linking options: MagicSQL, Parameterized SQL, Manual
  •  Linking on calc fields (non-aggregate)
  •  Search Criteria allow SQL functions ex. Where SalesDate = GetDate()
  •  Search Criteria bind to Parameters (which can be autosearch or not)
  •  SQL Text Editor with syntax highlight support
  •  Group By allow calc fields (non-aggregate)
  •  Query Wizard table/field lists display horz scroll bar
  •  SQLBuilder support for Linking
  •  SQLBuilder support for adding calc expressions

RAP Enhancements**
  •  RAP Unicode Editor for D2009
  •  RAP RTTI for TeeChart
  •  RAP RTTI for TCanvas (use RAP to draw to Paintbox.Canvas)
  •  RAP RTTI for TTextAttributes, TppParaAttributes (RichText)
  •  ECodeError properties for ProgramName, ProgramCode

Server Enhancements***
  •  Web AutoSearch Calendar DatePicker
  •  Web AutoSearch Lookup support (drop down list)
  •  Web date format for data entry (supports webtier locale)
  •  ClientReport AutoSearch Lookup support (drop down list)
  •  ClientReport AutoSearch Calendar DatePicker
  •  ClientReport date format for data entry (supports client locale)

*ReportBuilder Professional and Enterprise Editions
**ReportBuilder Enterprise Edition
***ReportBuilder Server Edition