RB 14

  • Delphi XE3 support for VCL Win32
  • Delphi XE3 support for VCL Win64
  • Delphi XE2 support for VCL Win32
  • Delphi XE2 support for VCL Win64

Design Layers
  • Separate layout elements into logical layers
  • Load/save design layers (example std header/footer or watermark)
  • Prevent users from adding, selecting, moving, deleting elements
  • Prevent users from seeing, selecting, deleting layers
  • LayerTypes: Band, Page
  • Inactive Layers draw alpha blended behind active layer
  • ComponentOptions: Add, Delete, Select, Move
  • LayerOptions: Select, Rename, Visible, Delete, Load, Save

  • Continuous page scrolling
  • Single and two-up page display
  • Background thread report generation
  • Hand scrolling
  • PreviewFormSetings.PageDisplay property
  • PreviewFormSettings.PageIncrement propery (control page generation)
  • PreviewFormsSettings.SinglePageOnly (forces use of old screen device)
  • Viewer.DeadSpace property (control amount of space outside of page)

Output Devices
  • HTML file device
  • PDF/A device (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDF/A)
  • PDFSettings.PDFA boolean property (force PDF to PDF/A standard)
  • PDF image compression (automatic jpeg compression)
  • PDF image scaling (PDFSettings.ImageCompressionLevel)
  • PDF, high quality metafile to bitmap conversion
  • DocForm device (exact positioning of lines and text)
  • RTFSettings.UseTextBoxes boolean property (exact text positioning)
  • RTF/Doc device, support for CodePage and Font.CharSet
  • XLS support for AppName, Author, Subject, Title (XLSSEttings)
  • Email, Extended Mapi plug-in
    • Avoid security warnings, Unicode and Html support
  • Email, support for HTML messages via Indy 10 Extended Mapi
  • Email, EmailSettings.HtmlBody, BodyHtmlAttachments properties
  • Email, EmailSettings.StreamAttachments option
  • Email, Unicode message body (Unicode VCL w/Indy 10 or Extended Mapi)
  • New ScrollableScreenDevice, used by Viewer to implement continuous scrolling
  • PrintToFile enhancements
    • DefaultFileDeviceType defaults to PDF
    • Default TextFileName, ArchiveFileName ($MyDocuments)\Report.pdf
    • Change default file device, auto-changes default file name
    • Change output format in print dialog, auto-changes default file name
    • Support for wildcards in default FileName, ($MyDocuments) is resolved by print dialog for display to end-user
    • Change the extension in the print dialog, changes the file

International Language support
  • Added 64-bit language modules

TeeChart support
  • Enhanced TeeChart Package Builder for 64-bit

  • Variable support for Int64 via dtLargeInt data type
  • Groups, PreventOrphans
    • Prevent group header with no detail at bottom of page
    • Prevent group footer with no detail at top of page
  • Columns, ColumnBalancing
    • Generate vertical columns in min number of rows
  • ColumnFooter, AlignToBottom boolean
    • Enables column footer to generate immediately after detail
  • Band.Background property for all bands
  • DrawCommand.AsMetaFile feature for simpler RCL add-on support
  • SummaryBand enhanced to print on same page as columns

  • Enhanced group generation – PreventOrphans management
  • Enhanced horizontal and vertical Column generation

  • DesignLayers
    • LayerOptions: use to lock layers, hide layers
      • For example, create a visible/invisible water mark layer
    • ComponentOptions: prevent users from moving, deleting etc.
  • New OnCustomSaveQueryDoc event
  • New ShowHelp method – fires Designer.OnHelp event
  • ReportExplorer, invokes Help via new Designer.ShowHelp

  • New Int64 data type
  • Compiler/parser support for // comments
  • Enhanced object ref scoping: childreport can access parent report objects
  • File functions: FileExists, DirectoryExists, ExtractFileName, etc.
  • RTTI for PrintDialog
  • RTTI for FileDevice
  • RTTI for ObjectList
  • RTTI enhanced¬† for Picture, Graphic
  • Enhanced run-time exception message to display subreport name

  • Added 64-bit windows service (ReportBuilder Services)

*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version
*RB 14 includes support for seven Delphi versions:  D7, D2006, D2007, D2009, D2010, DXE, DXE2.