RB 15

  • Delphi XE5 support for VCL Win32
  • Delphi XE5 support for VCL Win64
  • Delphi XE4 support for VCL Win32
  • Delphi XE4 support for VCL Win64

  • Zoom support for Design workspace
  • New rendering architecture for scaling workspace, components
  • Undo support for add/remove design layers
  • Added Design Layer ‘delete with components’ menu item
  • ReportTree, added component popup menu support
  • Inspector, TColor prop editor, double-click to display color dialog
  • Added Delphi design-time support for calling FormDesigner.UniqueName
  • Always show Save As dialog when saving a subreport template

  • TableGrid component
  • 2dBarCode
    • QRCode barcode support
    • DataMatrix barcode support
    • New ‘settings’ properties for each barcode type:¬† QrCodeSettings, DataMatrixSettings, PDF417Settings, MaxiCodeSettings
  • VerticalAlignment property for text
  • DesignLayer.Visible property to show/hide components
  • RichText.RemoveEmptyLines boolean property (address squeeze)
  • Memo.RemoveEmptyLInes boolean property(address squeeze)
  • Memo, improved tab/tabstop support
  • Report.OpenFile boolean to open a file after export
  • PrintDialog, Open File checkbox
  • PageStyle, UsePageSpace boolean
  • Band, Border property


  • Page thumbnails (like Adobe Acrobat)
  • Page Borders
  • Page separation control
  • Scrolling Text Search
  • Print Dialog, added Open file checkbox
  • Viewer, added Viewer.OnEndGenerate event

Output Devices
  • New rendering architecture Designer/Graphics/Screen/Printer
  • Printer, PrinterSetup.Duplex option for dpDefault (use Windows default)
  • TextFile, options for semi-colon, space, custom delimiters
  • XLSReport.IgnorePageHeight property, when True prevent blank rows from being added to bottom of page
  • XLS HyperLink support (via Component.HyperLink settings)
  • XLSData, IncludeSingleHeader/Footer booleans, to limit export to single header/footer for entire file
  • TextFile, modified ReportSaveNo to Int64 to suppor larger reports
  • Textfile, published more props to provide RAP code access
  • ReportTextFile, use PrinterCanvas for more accurate calculations
  • Printer, added Eject commend to ppPCL.pas
  • PDF, Transparent Images
  • PDF, Graphics Canvas (removed the need for a TppPrinter)
  • PDF, 128 bit encryption
  • PDF, Enhanced embedded font style support (Unicode)
  • PDF, Added AddFileID property to allow user to omit the File ID.
  • Email, Receipt feature added to Indy plugin
  • Email, Synapse plugin now supports BCC recipients.
  • FileDevice, Report.OpenFile, universal file open property
  • FileDevice: Added WaterMark feature for all file devices
  • FileDevice: Added file path variable support for ($CurrentDir)

  • Report generation, apply Report.PrinterSetup changes to Page.PrinterSetup

  • SQL, RowLimit – supported by several database engines, syntax varies
  • SQL, RowLimitEnabled, returns True if databasetype supports RowLimit
  • Copy/Paste queries
  • QueryDesigner, RowLimit edit box added to Tables page
  • QueryDesigner, display DataPipeline name in the form caption
  • SQLBuilder, RowLimit, RowLimitEnabled properties
  • SQLText, enhanced parameterized linking, add condition to existing SQL Where

  • DesignLayer menu option to load/save to file when ReportExplorer database used

  • CodeEditor: save/restore program caret pos when toggle from/to Calc workspace
  • TraSystemFunction, added Report & CodeModule properties for function access
  • Ability to call ShowMessage from a preview thread
  • Added StringReplace, StringReplaceAll functions
  • TeeChart: RTTI support for 16 new chart properties: Legend¬† (Alignment, Font, FontSeriesColor, Shadow, Symbol, TextStyle, Title), Title, LeftWall, RightWall, BottomWall, BackWall, AxisBehind, PrintProportional, and Shadow.
  • Parameters: RTTI support for Parameter.Values[ ] and ValueCount.

*Features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version
*RB 15 includes support for eight Delphi versions:
D7, D2007, D2009, D2010, DXE, DXE2, DXE3, DXE4