RB 20


  • new Ruler margins
  • new FontList, filter out vertical fonts (@FontName)
  • new Group Dialog
    • internal redesign
    • handle cases where datafield(s) no longer exists
    • handle cases where no datafields exist
  • new Delphi IDE About Box ‘installed products’ RB entry

New High DPI

  • Windows 10 features
    • Use latest Delphi for best support
    • Per Monitor DPI
    • DPI Change support
  • Toolbars/menu library, Object Inspector
  • Designer, Viewer, Dialogs etc
  • RB Forms architecture support

New Cloud Drive

  • Export directly to popular cloud drives
  • Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox support
  • Stream files or save to disk
  • Export to multiple cloud drives
  • Preview, Print/Export dialog support
  • Use as a stand-alone cloud uploader


  • new Print Dialog re-design
    • Separation of print and export functionality
    • Navigation bar to toggle display
    • Cloud drive support
    • UseLegacyPrintDialog property for backward compatibility
    • Export check ‘File in Use’ and display warning message
  • new AutoSearch Dialog
    • enhanced to align controls for cleaner display
    • display True/False drop-down list for Boolean field type
  • new Form.PopupParent assignment throughout


  • new Export to File toolbar button
  • new Cloud Drive toolbar button
  • new Thumbnail Size control options
    • Small, Medium, Large options added to popup menu
    • ThumbnailSize property added
    • Thumbnail auto size option
  • new ThumbnailMousewheel support
  • new ThumbnailEnhanced resolution for small sizes
  • new PageIncrement limit decreased to 20


  • optimized component SaveOrder calc, when exporting to XlsData, Delimited file
  • new left to right columns support for toggling Band.Visible

Output Devices

  • new PDF, 256 bit AES encryption
  • new PDF, Attachment description support
  • new PDF, Attachment streaming support
  • new PDF, Form field password (hidden character) option
  • new PDF, Form field multiline support
  • new PDF, Form field character separator option
  • new PDF, PDF/A3 ZUGFeRD auto metadata processing
  • new PDF, RichText embedded image support (Infopower)
  • new PDF, NeedsAppearances property
  • new PDF, PDF/A Checkbox support
  • new PDF, PDF/A Symbol font support
  • new Xlsx, export shapes as cell range formatting (border, fill)
  • new Xlsx, export lines as cell range formatting (border)
  • new Xlsx, only skip empty strings when AutoSize False
  • new Email, OutLook plugin, show modal Outlook Client
  • new FileDevice.Cancel, delete file logic
  • new Viewer, OnCancel event


  • new DBCheckbox, support for Boolean and String field datatypes
  • new Image, enhanced rendering for transparent bitmap scaling
  • new HyperlinkHint property for Text, Image components


  • new RAF file support > 4GB
    • ArchiveDevice, write 64bit page entries (new archives)
    • ArchiveReader, check file signature and read 32 or 64 page entries
    • ArchiveReader.ArchivePageCount
      • return ArchivePagecount without calling Print (prop getter)


  • new DocumentService, enhanced Format property to support:
    • File extension: PDF, Xlsx, etc.
    • DeviceName: XlsReport, XlsData, etc.


  • new File | Merge From File… menu option (Designer)
  • new SQL validation optimzation
    • use Limit 0 rather than where ‘c’ <> ‘c’
  • new Query Designer, autojoin suggestion datatype checking
  • new Query Designer, prompt user when SelectedFields = 0
  • new SQL error description, enhanced to include SQL statement


  • new RAP System Constants plugin architecture
    • enables registering constants to RAP Code Toolbox
  • new Compiler, support constants for enum types
  • new RTTI for TBrush, TPen classes


  • new WebTier, retrieve PDFSettings stored w/report definition
  • new ClientReport, GetPDFSettings method to retrieve report PDFSettings
  • new TPersistentWriter/Reader (used by Server streaming)
  • new WebTier, ErrorPage to show exception stack trace
    • requires Delphi 10.2 and later
    • requires JCLDebug or similar addon that implements SysUtils hooks

*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version