RB 21


  • new Designer.AutoSave boolean property
  • new Designer Win 10 per monitor High DPI improvements
  • new TextFileName property editor to use DefaultFileDeviceType

Enhanced High DPI – v2 Per Monitor DPI

  • Windows 10 / Latest Delphi
  • Virtual Image List (scaleable images)
  • Form/Dialog save/load state
  • Toolbars/ToolWindows


  • new PDFComponent
    • ¬†embed PDF documents in reports (similar to section subreport)
      * requires PDFReader plug-in: PDFium or WPViewPDF
  • new BarCode 128 – GS1 improvement
    • AutoEncode, CodeSet C must encode only pairs of 0-9, exclude FNC1
  • new 2DBarcode, Rotation support (90 degree increments)
  • new QRCode, Exclude UTF8 BOM (Byte Order Mark) property
  • new Checkbox, FieldTitle property (PDF form fields)
  • new DBImage, Automatically load image from URL DB value
  • new $Desktop file path variable support
  • new RichText support for Superscript, Subscript
    • new RichText.CharFormat: TppTextAttributes property
    • new TppTextAttributes.YOffset: TppCharYOffsetType property
    • new TppCharYOffsetType = (coNormal, coSuperscript, coSubscript)
    • new RichText Editor SuperScript, Subscript toolbar buttons
    • new RAP RTTI for RichText.CharFormat

RAF Merge Utility

  • new TppRAFMerge, utilty for merging archive files
  • new TppArchiveDevice.MergeUtility: TppRAFMerge public property


  • new Editing boolean property returns true if in editing state


  • new Scrollable Page Preview support for main or background thread
    • PreviewFormSettings/Viewer UseBackgroundThread boolean property
  • new Multi email plugin support

Output Devices

  • new ImageDevice, for single page do not append _PageNo suffix
  • new Xlsx, XlsSettings CacheToFile, Optionally use MemoryStream rather than FileStream
  • new Xlsx/Xls, ensure memo lines map to same col
  • new Xlsx/Xls, keep columns aligned when some values empty
  • new Xlsx/Xls, shape rendering to support for alternating gray bar style detail
  • new PDF, Digital Signatures
    * requires OpenSSL library
  • new PDF, Custom PDF Metadata
  • new PDF, Document-level Javascript
  • new PDF, ZUGFeRD 2.x support
  • new PDF, ZUGFeRD AutoParse property
  • new PDF, Page Layout control (i.e. Single Page, Continuous, Two-Up, etc.)
  • new PDF, Page Mode control (i.e. Thumbnails, Attachments, Outline, etc.)
  • new PDF, PrintScaling property
  • new PDF, Transparent image processing enhancements
  • new PDF, Support for large Metafile to Bitmap conversions
  • new PDF, Built-in MIME type detection
  • new RTF, RichText content exported to a single TextBox


  • new Multiple email plugin support (Single SMTP plugin + multiple cloud plugins)
  • new Email ConnectionSettings property group
  • new Stand-alone TppEmail object can be used to send emails without a report
  • new Loopback HTTP OAuth2 verification
    • Default browser now used to authenticate
  • Decoupled all Mail REST API from RB
  • new SMTPOutlook plug-in, SetModal class function to control Outlook client

Cloud Drive

  • new Directory Support
  • new Built-in cloud drive directory explorer
  • new Loopback HTTP OAuth2 verification
    • Default browser now used to authenticate
  • new Support for uploading large files
  • new Login information properties
  • new Decoupled all Cloud REST API from RB
  • new Updated documentation to match latest API versions
  • new Google Drive, added support for “Desktop Application” registration
  • new DropBox, added EdgeBrowser verification support


  • new Save logic, added check for DataPipeline.Editing


  • new QueryDesigner Search, … button to launch SQL editor for SQL Expression
  • new SQL Search Criteria support for :ParamName resolution within a SQL SubSelect
  • new Magic SQL linking support for case where Criteria Value contains field name reference
  • DADE Collation/Magic SQL linking
    • new TppCustomDataPipeline.RegisterCompareStringHook class procedure¬†for case where DB collation <> RB built-in collations


  • new conversion functions:
    • StrToDateDef, StrToDateTimeDef, StrToTimeDef, StrToCurrDef, StrToIntDef, StrToInt64Def
      TryStrToDate, TryStrToDateTime, TryStrToTime, TRyStrToCurr, TryStrToInt, TryStrToIn6
  • new CodeModule DataPipeline references optimization
    • build list of DataPipeilnes used by RAP code used by engine and compiler/run-time
  • new RichText.Paragraph RAP RTTI for
    • TabCount, GetTab(liIndex), SetTab(aIndex, aTabPos)
    • NumberingStyle
    • LineSpacing
    • RTLReading

*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version