RB 22


  • New VersionInfo support (.res metadata)
  • New PlatformTargets support for Delphi IDE (.res meta data)
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Build w/run-time Packages support
    **Delphi 11.2 only


  • new ReportWizard enhancements to improve group layouts


  • new Thumbnails optimization to generate only when enabled

PDF Component

  • new LoadFromStream method
  • new DataPipeline, DataField properties to allow binding to dataset
  • new PrintBehaviors: Section, Fixed
  • new Page Layer supportwhen Fixed, display PDF page at design-time
  • new support for FilePath variables


  • new support for field datatype ftShortint


  • new TppImage Save To File menu option
  • new Round rectangle radius property
  • new Datamatrix Barcode GS1 auto-encode
  • new EPCSettings object for QR Code
  • new EPC QR Code dialog
  • new QR Code all versions enabled
  • new Encryption enhanced to support 64-bit apps w/high-entropy ASLR enabled

New Docx (Word) Device

  • Export reports to Docx MS Word document
    • All report elements included text, rich text, graphics, lines, shapes, barcodes, charts, …
  • Unicode supported
  • use RTFSettings to specify options

Output Devices

  • Printer
    • Enhanced Duplex dpDefault to prevent overwrites
    • Enhanced ‘Screen’ printer to default to 600 dpi
  • Xlsx/Xls,
    • new conversion for Delphi date time formats: c, ddddd, dddddd, t, tt
  • PDF
    • new Native font processing
    • new PDF Digital Signature from Export Dialog
    • PDF Digital Signature size reduced
    • new Custom scale images in PDF
    • new ZUGFeRD attachment streaming
    • Improved support for RTF with images


  • new MIME encoder now supports a wider variety of email clients
  • new Email Error event for TppReport and TppEmail
  • SMTP Outlook plug-in
    • new support for COM MailItem Send event
    • new use OnStatusChange event to check, Status = ‘Mail Sent’
    • new account selection
    • new default signature automatically added
  • Web Mail plug-ins
    • new Credential saving for later use (.ini or registry)
    • new Refresh Token support
    • new Code Challenge support
    • new Helper functions
    • new OnConnectionStart and OnConnectionComplete events
    • Enhanced Unicode support


  • new Cloud Drive export dialog
  • new Cloud Drive Error event for TppReport and TppCloudDriveManager
  • new Credential saving for later use (.ini or registry)
  • new Refresh Token support
  • new Code Challenge support
  • new Helper functions
  • new OnConnectonStart and OnConnectionComplete events
  • removed ClientSecret from end-user view


  • new SQLText support for ‘stealth mode’
    • Optimization for sql validation and retrieving select field info
  • new QueryDesigner enhancements
    • improve Rename menu option (enable/disable)
    • improve Calc expression edit button positioning


  • new RTTI for DataPipeline.IsLastRecord method

*features may vary by ReportBuilder Edition and Delphi version