Custom Printer Settings

ReportBuilder contains a host of properties that allow you to control various aspects of the print job.


 Property Description 
 BinName The name of the bin (paper tray) containing the paper on which the report will be printed. A common use of this property is to set it to Manual Feed on mailing label reports. That way you can provide a means to load the special label paper without manually setting the printer.
 Collation When printing multiple copies of a report, this property determines whether each copy prints as a separate set of pages.
 Copies The number of copies of the report that should be printed.
 DocumentName The name of the print job to be used when the report is printed – the name as it will appear in the Print Manager.
 Duplex For printers that support duplex, this setting determines the type of duplex printing.
 Margins The margin properties determine the left, top, right, and bottom margins of the report.
 PaperHeight & PaperWidth The dimensions of the selected paper, based on the value of the PaperName property. If these values are entered manually and no corresponding paper size is found, the PaperName is set to ‘Custom’.
 PaperName The name of the paper type, such as ‘Letter’, or ‘A4’.
 PrinterName The name of the printer to which the report should be printed. This property defaults to ‘Default’, which will cause ReportBuilder to use the default printer declared on your system.


These properties are contained in the PrinterSetup property of the Report object and can be configured via the Object Inspector or the File | Page Setup dialog of the report designer.

Because all ReportBuilder reports contain a PrinterSetup object, it is possible to use section-type subreports to achieve some fairly incredible levels of print behavior customization. For example, different pages of a report can print from different bins of the same printer or print to different printers entirely. Some of these features are showcased in the printer setting demos provided with ReportBuilder (check demos 121-124).