TIFF Image Export

Exporting report to TIFF format images can be done in two ways.

1. Windows Imaging Component (Delphi 2010 or later)

Delphi 2010 and later include Windows Imaging Component (WIC) support. This can be used to create and view numerous image formats including TIFF. In order to utilize this feature with ReportBuilder, add ppWICDevice to your uses clause registering the TppWICTIFFDevice.

2. LibTiffDelphi Addon (All versions of Delphi)

The LibTiffDelphi addon is a freeware library that allows TIFF images to be created and viewed using Delphi. To utilize this library with ReportBuilder, first download and install the LibTiffDelphi files in your library or application path. Then register the TppTIFFDevice by adding ppTIFFDevice to your uses clause.

Download LibTiffDelphi from the following location:

See also Image Device Fundamentals

TIFF Compression

In some cases you may need to alter the compression type used when exporting TIFF images. Below is a list of the compression types supported for each TIFF device and some sample code showing how to assign it.

Windows Imaging Component (TppWICDevice)

Compression Supported: CCITT3, CCITT4, LZW, RLE, Zip, LZWHDifferencing

Example Code:


lWICDevice := TppWICDevice.Create(Self);
TppWICImage(lWICDevice.WIC).TiffCompressionType := tcCCITT4


LibTiffDelphi (TppTIFFDevice)

Compression Supported: LZW, CCITTG4

Example Code:


lTIFFDevice := TppTIFFDevice.Create(Self);
lTIFFDevice.CompressionType := tcCCITTG4;