Native Formats

TECH TIP:   ReportBuilder Output Formats

ReportBuilder has an open architecture for output formats.

An RB report produces Page objects. Each page object contains an array of DrawCommand objects that describe a piece of Text, a Line etc. The Device class receives the page objects and translates them to a specific format.


Open Output Device Architecture

ReportBuilder has an open architecture for output formats.

The following formats are included:

 Name Description 
 Printer Completely control printer properties: orientation, paper size, paper bin, duplexing, margins etc.
 Preview Use the built-in Preview Form or create your own and register it as the replacement.
 PDF PDF file output, readable by adobe acrobat
 Archive Print reports to stand-alone files, preview later.
 ASCII Text File Comma-delimited, tab-delimited and fixed length formats supported.
 Report Text File Formatted text output to a .txt file.
 XHTML HTML file for each report page   
 XLS Microsoft Excel (.xls) format   
 XLSX Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) format   
 RTF Export Reports to RichText format   
 Image Image file for each report page