Custom Paper Sizes

TECH TIP: Troubleshooting Custom Paper Sizes

Some printers cannot handle custom paper sizes, or they can only handle custom paper sizes within a limited
range of values.

Troubleshooting Tips:
    1. To test paper sizes you can run demo 121 in the main reports demo app. This demo displays a printer settings dialog and is very useful for testing printer drivers with various paper sizes.

To test a paper size:

a. Selecting the printer
b. Specify the paper size
c. press preview
d. Press print to display the print dialog.
e. From the print dialog press the Properties button to display the printer driver’s built-in dialog. You should be able to verify the printer setting from here.

These are the values communicated by RB to the printer. If these are set correctly then RB has done its job, the rest is up to the printer.

  1. Try printing to this same paper size using other apps such as MS Excel and MS Word. If they cannot do it, then it is likely a limitation of the printer.
  2. Try downloading the latest printer driver from the manufacturers web site.
  3. Try testing with another printer.

If test number 1 above works properly then e-mail with the exact configuration
you are using: Delphi version, ReportBuilder version, OS XP/2000, Win9x), and printer model.

We can download the driver and try it out here.