Print Copy Captions

TECH TIP: Printing a Unique Caption for Each Copy of a Multi-Copy Report Sent to the Printer

Here’s example of sending 3 copies to the printer and printing a unique caption for each one.

    1. Set Report.PrinterSetup.Collation to True
    2. Set Report.PrinterSetup.Copies to 3
    3. Set the Report.PassSetting to psTwoPass. (add ppTypes to your “uses” clause)
    4. Create a private variable in your form: FCopy
    5. In the Report.BeforePrint event code
  FCopy := 0;
    1. In the Report.OnStartPage event code
  if ppReport1.SecondPass and (ppRepor1.AbsolutePageNo = 1) then
    1. Add a Label to the Report and in the OnPrint event code something like:
  case FCopy of
    1:  ppLabel1.Caption := 'Shipping';
    2:  ppLabel1.Caption := 'Order Processing';
    3:  ppLabel1.Caption := 'Account Receivable';