ReportTextFile and Memos

Demo 107 (dm107.pas) in RBuilder\Demos\Reports\Demo.dpr is a good example. However, I just spent some time examining it and modifying it to include a memo and discovered the following:

  1. The report components are using Courier New size 8, but need to be using Courier New size 9.
  2. Notice that the report.Units is set to PrinterPixels. This is nice if you have a printer with 600 pixels per inch that you can use while designing the reports, the height of the bands and the positions of the objects should all be multiples of 1/6 inch (i.e. the height of a fixed line in the text file). Thus, increments of 100 printer pixels can be used to conifgure the layout. (You can use Report.Units of Inches also, but it is not as simple since 1/6 is 1.6666).
  3. I added a memo to this example. I placed the Memo the detail band, below the components. Again, use font of Courier New size 9. Set the position to 200 printer pixels. I just typed in some text and then set Memo.Stretch to true.  I used the memo’s position dialog to specify an bottom offset to 200 printer pixels. A bottomoffset for a stretchable object defines a bottom margin area. This works well here because it allows for extra spacing.