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Linking SQL Queries

TECH TIP: Linking SQL Queries for Master/Detail Data The following example shows two options for linking SQL queries to create a master/detail relationship. In this example, we are using Delphi’s DBDemos data to create a Customer/Order relationship. Thus we wish to link the Orders detail to the Customer master. I. Delphi Query Linking a. Set the  Full Article…


How To…Search Between a Date and 6 Months Prior

Question “How can I search on a specified date and 6 months prior?” Solution Use the Query Designer to build a query that contains two search criteria on the Date. Use the <= and >= operators. Designate the first criteria as AutoSearch and use SQLBuilder to modify the second criteria at runtime. Download: Sample  Full Article…


How To…Apply Single AutoSearch to Multiple Queries

Question “How can I define a single autosearch parameter and apply it to multiple queries?” Solution Implement the Report.BeforeOpenDataPipelines event and use SQLBuilder to apply the AutoSearch value to additional queries. Download: Sample RAP code: