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PDFComponent Fundamentals

Overview Use PDFComponent to embed a PDF document in a report. This component behaves like a section style subreport – starting on a new page and generating a report page for each PDF page. Key Properties PDFFileName – specifies PDF file PDFPassword – specifies password (if needed) PDF Reader This component requires a PDF Reader  Full Article…

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Data Matrix – GS1

ReportBuilder 22+ introduced the GS1 property which adds the FNC1 character automatically.¬† The article below applies to ReportBuilder 21- or if manual encoding is desired. ReportBuilder provides the tools necessary for the developer¬†to support GS1 Data Matrix. There are two options for ASCII encoding of the Data Matrix component (TppDataMatrixSettings.EncodeType property): ASCII and ASCIIManual. ASCII  Full Article…

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Cloud Drive Overview

Background: ReportBuilder includes support for the ability to automatically export and save reports to various cloud drive services. This is done via the REST APIs provided by the supported services. The cloud drive feature is designed with a plugin architecture allowing multiple services to be supported at once. To register a certain plugin, simply add  Full Article…
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