Custom Report Wizard

TppCustomReportWizard is defined in ppWizard.pas. You can create descendants and register them with RB. Example can be found in the following RB source code files:

  1. The simplest descendant is TppBlankReportWizard defined in ppRptWiz.pas. TppBlankReportWizard simply creates a an empty report consisting of a header/detail/footer band set.
  2. TppLabelTemplateWizard – the label wizard is defined in ppLabWiz and ppLWzDlg. (The Wizards that show a user interface are organized as two classes). The wizard shows the wizard dialog.
  3. TppCrossTabWizard is defined in ppCtWiz and ppCWzDlg.
  4. TppReportWizard is defined in ppRptWiz and ppRWzDlg.