Adding Support to Existing RTTI Objects

Question: “I notice that TppDataPipeline (or some other class) has a Next method (or some other member), but the RAP compiler doesn’t seem to recognize that method, are you going to add support for that?”

Answer:  There are a number of class members which have not been added to RAP via the RTTI classes. We have tried to add support for the most commonly used members. (Keep in mind that all published properties are supported automatically, public methods and properties require a bit of coding to make visible in RAP).

The answer to your question is that, yes, we could add support for a given member in the next release, but you can do it yourself more quickly and it is not very difficult.

Using the RTTI tutorial located in the RAP help file, you can familiarize yourself with the process. Following that, you can descend your own RTTI class to add the support for the member you are lacking. Take, for instance, the TppDataPipeline that is missing the Next method. You will find TraTppDataPipelineRTTI in the ppDB unit. You can descend from TraTppDataPipelineRTTI in a new unit as:

Add your support to the new class (see the tutorials for information) and then add the following in your Initialization/Finalization sections:

When you add this unit to your projects, your new, improved RTTI class will replace the old class, thus providing
your new support without having to alter the source code in any way.