There are two very simple and powerful techniques to extend the capabilities of RAP infinitely. These are summarized below and covered in more detail in the RAP.hlp online help. Demos and tutorials are installed to RBuilder\Demos\RAP. The tutorial text is located in RAP.hlp.

RAP Pass-Through Functions

These are functions that appear in the Language tab of RAP’s Code Toolbox. These functions are written in Delphi and can be called from RAP. RAP’s pass-through function architecture enable’s developers to add new built-in functions to RAP’s code toolbox.

Extend RAP’s RTTI

RAP’s Run-time Type information defines what classes and properties can be accessed via RAP. By default the published properties of any class that is registered with Delphi’s RegisterClass procedure is recognized by RAP. In addition many of the public properties and methods of ReportBuilder classes are exposed.