Question: “What is RAP?” or “What is the difference between RB Pro and Enterprise?”

ReportBuilder Enterprise includes a run-time Pascal environment called RAP. RAP enables developers and end-users to code without Delphi. RAP code can be used to add calculations and event-handlers to reports.

“Why use RAP? orĀ “Why would I use that?”

  1. Reports coded with RAP are more portable than reports that require Delphi code.RAP code is stored as part of the report definition. (Delphi code which is compiled into the .exe). In other words, report definitions loaded from a database or report file can contain the RAP code required to run the report.
  2. RAP provides more power to end-users.You can optionally include RAP in end-user reporting solutions so that end-users have the power to add code to reports they create. (End-users do not have Delphi)
  3. RAP speeds development of reportsRAP code does not require that you compile your Delphi project to see the results. This speeds up the design/preview process. (Typically while creating reports you want to make changes and preview the results, then make changes, preview again, etc).


More information on RAP:




Learning ReportBuilder RAP

Download a trial version of RB Enterprise and run the RBuilder\Demos\RAP examples