BarCode Types

TECH TIP: Adding New BarCode Types

ReportBuilder natively supports the following barcode types:



  • PDF417
  • MaxiCode128
  • QRCode
  • Datamatrix

Options for adding new BarCode types:

Find a VCL or ActiveX BarCode component that supports the desired BarCode type. Adapt the component for use in RB in one of the following ways:

  1. Use the third-party BarCode component to export the barcode output to an image and then use RB’s Image component to print the barcode.
  2. Write a ReportBuilder “wrapper” component that adapts the third-party component to work inside the RB Designer. This is the approach used to integrate the TeeChart component within RB. A “wrapper” component is a descendant of RB’s TppCustomComponent that instantiates and uses a third-party component to implement the desired rendering. See ppChrt.pas in the RBuilder\Source directory for an example.