Delphi 6 and TeeChart

TECH TIP: D6 + TeeChart + RB Limitations

Delphi 6 – TeeChart 4.04 Limitations

The version of TeeChart bundled with Delphi 6 (TeeChart 4.04) has the following limitations:

  1. Within the Delphi IDE the data-aware TppDPTeeChart does not work properly. You cannot assign a series to datapipeline. With the end-user report designer (at run-time) the data-aware TppDPTeeChart is fully functional.
  2. Including the TeeChart designer in a Delph project results in an  ‘IEdiSeri’ or ‘IEdiCha’ compiler error. In order to get around these error messages you can compile your project with the ‘build with runtime packages” option.

Delphi 6 – TeeChart Registered version Limitations

TeeChart 7.0 and later version, are not compatible with ReportBuilder because the TeeChart packages require Delphi 6 with SP 3. (ReportBuilder is compiled to support Delphi 6 with SP2)

Is is well known in the Delphi community that D6 was not a strong release in terms of quality. Borland issued updates to address some of the issues, however Delphi 6 update 2 actually broke existing code, including the ReportBuilder code base. ReportBuilder was modified to work with D6 update 2. To this day, ReportBuilder for D6 requires D6 with SP2.

A few years later, Borland issued update 3 trying to revert things back. D6 Update 3 breaks ReportBuilder yet again, and can potentially break customer code that was written using D6 SP2.