TeeChart General Info

ReportBuilder includes TeeChart wrapper components that enable TeeChart to be used within the Report Designer.

  1. For an example see RBuilder\Demos\Reports\Demo.dpr. Open the project main form and read the directions at the top.
  2. For an end-user example, see RBuilder\Demos\EndUser\Report Explorer\EndUser.dpr. Again, open the main form and read the directions at the top of the form for including TeeChart.
  3. The ReportBuilder online help contains details about
  •  Teechart versions supported
  •  Known limititations of TeeChart support
  •  Directions for manually building and installing ReportBuilder TeeChart related packages.

Access the RBuilder.hlp, select the Table of Contents, and then select ReportBuilder Reference | TeeChart | Delphi X where X is the version of Delphi that you are using.