PDFComponent Fundamentals


Use PDFComponent to embed a PDF document in a report. This component behaves
like a section style subreport – starting on a new page and generating a
report page for each PDF page.

Key Properties

  • PDFFileName – specifies PDF file
  • PDFPassword – specifies password (if needed)

PDF Reader
This component requires a PDF Reader plug-in. The following plug-ins
are currently supported:

1. PDFium – open source PDF library produced by Google

  • Default plug-in, installed with RB
  • Requires pdfium.dll, installed with RB
  • Add ppPDFReader_PDFium to ‘uses’ clause
  • Deploy pdfium.dll with your .exe

2. WPViewPDF – Delphi PDF library produced by WPCubed.

  • In testing this lbirary provides higher quality output
  • Install WPViewPDF (registered or trial)
  • Add ppPDFReader_WPViewPDF to ‘uses’ clause
  • Deploy required binaries with your .exe