RichText Explained

TECH TIP: ReportBuilder’s RichText Architecture

The RichText in ReportBuilder is a wrapper around Delphi’s TRichEdit which in turn relies on Windows.  There are two versions of Windows richedit – RichEd32.dll is the older one and RichEd20.dll is a newer one (RichEd32 is being phased out).

Delphi by default relies on RichEd32 – the older version.

A problem occurs when using the RichEd32 with Office 2000 installed and trying to print.

To correct this problem, we made a modification, to use RichEd20 when possible.


  1. You could try downloading a newer version of RichEd20 from MS web site.
  2. You could try downloading the latest printer driver and testing with
    another printer.
  3. If you want to revert to the old RichText behavior, add an initialization
    section to the bottom of your unit and code: