Concurrent Browser Connections

TECH TIP:  RB Server – Concurrent Browser Connections

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The comments we here most often are “WOW, what a great user interface” and ‘Wow, I cannot believe the speed’.

The RB Server Solution contains numerous optimizations to maximize performance. However, as a developer, you have great influence over the scalability of the report server solutions that you build and deploy.

The number of concurrent browser connections that can be supported by a report server will depend upon a number of factors:

  1. Server Hardware
  2. Network bandwidth
  3. Database Software
  4. Database table design
  5. SQL Query performance
  6. Report complexity
  7. Report Page size
  8. Use of report archives
  9. Use of a Server Farm


Some guidelines to maximizing performance:

  1. Invest in powerful hardware. Use at least a dual-processor server machine and a high speed network connection. True PC Servers often costs more money but have high performance network capabilities and fast SCSCI hard drives.
  2. Utilize a high-performance database product that can run on a separate high powered server machine.
  3. Use a server farm configuration in which an RB WebTier application runs on the web server machine and utilizes a farm of machines running RB report server applications.
  4. Create repoFor large complex reports and reports that are requested often, create report archives  that the server can publish upon request to clients.
  5. Maximize the performance of live reports by creating efficient queries that utilize database indexes and select only the minimum number of fields used by the report.